People who can take break from their regular life for the relaxation are definitely smart. They are the people who live long without any health problems. These smart people would at least set the vacation or trips to some of the beautiful places as a hobby though not compulsory. They try to make their past time enjoyable by sailing or else boating in the nearby shore. For people who are very near to the shore would definitely get blessings from the nature. People who are away will definitely have to take the baggage along with them and travel to the nearest shore or to the mountain top.

It need not be the seas shore exactly to enjoy, even the lakes between the mountains can also give you the best time pass with double benefits of sailing in the lake for short distance. You can also climb the mountain tops with ease. People who are said to have this travelling as their hobby of visiting the nature definitely know what all they have to carry with them. They have great experience with the nerves that sprain when they climb on the rock that are not fixed firmly in the mountain. They may suddenly loss the grip and with the fear of falling, they take some quick action which will cause the sprain.

When approached with openness and humility, the benefits of Travel are endless. I have broken them down to 5 frases de viajes for the sake of simplicity

  1. Travel gives us the opportunity to silence the mind.

Silence, which has been grossly underrated by modern society, creates a nourishing environment for contemplation and the appearance of inspiration. Yet, we find it extremely challenging to silence the mind in the midst of our everyday routine. This is where stepping outside of our comfort zone and exploring unfamiliar lands can play a very important part. It becomes easier for us to focus our undivided attention on a chosen object, such as a sunset, a beautiful landscape or a work of art, when we are outside of our normal environment. We allow ourselves to experience that sense of wonder and rapturous amazement at the harmony of natural laws, and feelings such as exhilaration, joy and peace are triggered. Time seems to stand still. Our intuitive capacity is increased, leading us to reach the Self and contact it fully. This is called an insight or “Illumination”, that “AHA” moment, where we arrive at a new level of awareness. And when an insight or illumination does appear, it sometimes reveals something that may have even been staring at us in the face all along.

  1. Travel gives us the opportunity to be touched by beauty.
    Beauty can be described as a certain visual harmony, a spontaneous aesthetic experience. It is elusive, highly personal, it’s impact unpredictable, and yet is as integral to our human survival as Oxygen. Beauty is healing, regenerative, uplifting. Beauty allows us to put our pains and problems aside and helps us succeed in forgetting ourselves. It reveals unknown worlds and nameless possibilities. Beauty lightens our greed. As human beings, we have the choice to increase our aptitude in the art of appreciating beauty by opening ourselves to it and making ourselves available to experience it. Travel and exploring the world provides us with that opportunity in spades. After all, planet Earth is the “paradise planet” of the universe.
  2. Travel encourages us to grow.
    Growth does understand what we have not previously been able to conceive. It is feeling what we have never felt, or doing what we have never done before. It obliges us to leave our comfort zone and progress into the unknown. Growth can sometimes be a joy, and sometimes it can be uncomfortable or even downright painful. But one thing is for certain. The personal growth experienced through travel and the exploration of the world results in a far greater sensitivity to the pain of human beings in general. And through this, we begin to see our own life in perspective, which in turn gives us a greater sense of purpose.
  3. Travel fuels our imagination, and awakens a sense of lightness and joy.
    What has happened to our imagination? Have our life experiences, schooling and conditioning discouraged us so much from using our imagination that we now view it as a frivolous word? Take a look at the eyes of a child. That look reminds us of a time when anything and everything was possible, unobstructed by past experiences and without exclusions. Travel reminds us not to take things quite so seriously in our lives. It awakens a sense of lightness and joy, and the realization that life is a dance. And dance, though powerful, is also a great pleasure.
  4. Travel fulfills our yearning for Unity.
    It is instinctive for human beings to naturally seek union with larger units, as we wish to share and participate in something that we regard as being greater than our individual selves. It is only natural. Travel encourages a sense of unity with all beings everywhere. Through travel we acquire a sense that we all share in the same destiny. So rather than confining ourselves to our own local communities and remaining in a stagnant mindset about the world, now more than ever, it makes so much sense to explore our wonderful world and travel more. The planet is in dire need for human beings to start resonating with each other, despite our cultural differences. No man is an island, as we have seen from the more recent financial meltdown. What has happened in Wall Street has affected us all on a global scale. We now have the opportunity to raise awareness and reverse the process through the art of travel.

Though this is a natural thing that happens, the moment the pain exaggerates you may feel why is that we are not at home and roaming here and there. The moment the pain subsides with some medicine provided by the service doctor of the service apartment, then again you will start off your journey for next day. The next day it might be the flowing currents that keep you busy in the lake and that night for sure you will get the severe aches. For some people, swimming might not be the hobby. Fishing out the big fishes from the lakes and then having it cooked on the fire of the forest woods and having it along with munching some hot pepper and salt is what they like a lot.

In the busy city life, you hardly see some green trees in any of the houses around. You may see some trees in the center of the road along the bisecting path of double way to decrease the pollution. People would definitely love to stay away from this traffic filled city and love to explore the nature to the best of their time. People who do not have the budget in their hand will definitely try to enjoy the most beautiful places that are there within the city, while some fly out of country by arranging the expensive flight tickets and the lavish and luxurious stay in the apartments.

You can also find some people who are very much interested in seeing the landing and takeoff of flights. They buy the air tickets and see the same from very closure. Also the green lands that are surrounding the main path of the flight takeoff will be very lovely to capture on your personal camera provided the customs would allow them inside. Or else you can take a shoot from the nearest building the same thing and enjoy. Probably some of the hotels that stay close to the airport would let you enjoy such scenes.